Voorhees Police warn residents about fake parking tickets

Voorhees, NJ (WTXF) Voorhees Police are warning residents about fake parking tickets.

"I'm not surprised not at all not in this day and age. I don't put anything past anybody," said Lauren Bermudez. She's talking about what looks like a parking ticket in Voorhees.

"At first glance I would definitely think it was real," she said.

But a tweet put out by the Voorhees Police Department warns residents in the area of "The Club at Main Street Apartments and Townhomes" that the ticket someone has been placing on cars is actually fake..

"A senior citizen may fall for it that's what I really that think they're hoping for," said Bermudez.

But police say it appears to be more about harassment than an attempt to collect money. The ticket lists a 75 dollar fine but actually has the correct phone number and website for the police department printed at the bottom. So one call to them and you'd quickly know it didn't come from police.

"I would call into the police department and find out why I've been given a ticket. I've met a couple of the Voorhees police officers and they seem like the type of people who would be very straight forward with you about it and get it resolved, " said Rich Sneider, another resident.

Residents also say it doesn't make sense because there's really no way you could be in violation of parking here.

"There's no assigned parking. We can park wherever we please and we don't need a hag tag in the car. Not at all," said Bermudez.

Police say if you see anyone suspicious in the area call them.