WATCH: Adorable little girl says Barbie spoke to her

(WTXF) - Sophia was painting her Barbie dolls with nail polish and her father caught her in the act. Her response was hilarious.

"Yes, she told me too!"

That's right, three-year-old Sophia says her Barbie dolls told her to paint them with nail polish.

"She told you to do it?" said Sophia's father, Joseph Nagorski in a video of the little girl. "So when Barbie was lying there Barbie said, I'm going to go ahead and lay here and you can play with me. And then all of a sudden Barbie said, okay can you paint me with nail polish?"

But the little girl insists.

"She told me too," she says. "A hundred times!"

Take a look at the adorable video above.