WATCH: Police Save Choking Girl

(STORYFUL) Two Illinois police officers are being credited with saving the life of a girl. Schaumburg Police Officers Bryan Poradzisz and Kevin O'Connor were seen in a video released by police saving the 19-month-old girl from possibly choking on Thursday, March 10.

Police said the girl was traveling home to Chicago with her grandmother after spending the afternoon in Schaumburg when she stopped breathing. The grandmother pulled the vehicle over, took the girl out of her car seat and called 911 when she couldn't help the child start breathing again.

Poradzisz administered the Heimlich maneuver, and then CPR. O'Connor, who arrived moments later, performed a finger sweep of the child's mouth to clear out vomit and mucous that had been dislodged from her airway. She then began breathing again and regained consciousness, police said. The girl has made a full recovery.