Weather Authority: Clouds return with some showers on the way Sunday

The sun is not here to stay.  The afternoon clouds come in ahead of some showers on the way.  Those showers arrive later Sunday night and Kathy Orr will track them tonight at 10 p.m. 

The region will have a few showers left during the Monday morning rush hour.  Then, we're dry at lunchtime before a line of more showers inconveniences the evening commute.  Highs are in the upper 50s.

Head's up: it gets pretty windy Monday evening, and it stays windy Monday night.  It's not windy on Tuesday.  It's just sunny and chilly with a high at 44.

Then, all eyes on Wednesday.  

Early models weren't confident about snow, but things change. Here's what we know: the models are trending colder.  They're also trending toward all snow and no rain.  

It's too early to tell, but Kathy Orr will have the updated forecast after watching a full day of model runs.  All the weather model updates coming down will help us better understand what's happening on Wednesday.  Right now, it's still too early to tell, according to FOX 29's Drew Anderson.  

Trust your Weather Authority to keep you updated on Wednesday's forecast.


SUNDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 50, Low: 34

MONDAY: Showers around. High: 66, Low: 43

TUESDAY: Sunny & Chilly.  High: 44, Low: 34 

WEDNESDAY: Some Snow? High: 38, Low: 30



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