What is a Carvana vending machine?

You can't drive on I-95 without seeing it--the giant tower of cars all lit up at night stands out from the highway. It's called Carvana and it has the whole city talking. It's actually a car vending machine.

"You just put your money in. You don't have to go to a counter. You don't have to go stand in a line," Danielle Wolfe said.

This YouTube video from Carvana shows off what has to be the king of vending machines. Though, if you drove down I-95 South toward Center City recently and saw Carvana, you probably had a few questions like what is that?

Neighbor Tom Heller isn't sure.

"It's pretty big and impressive. I don't really know exactly what's going on on it," he said.

Carvana is a Phoenix-based car dealership. The company isn't saying much for now. But what we know is they're promising a new type of online car buying experience.

And if their sales are anything like their YouTube marketing video, they may be onto something. We asked Steve Schulman, the local marketing guru behind the long-running "Businesses to Watch" series, what he thought.

"It was amazing. It was a concept that I thought was mind-blowing. Will it be a winner? We'll know after they test market it in this market and this is a great market to do it. This is a good automobile market," he said.

And they may have already sold Tom Heller.

"I need a new car," he said.