Wilmington removes statues of Columbus, Caesar Rodney pending 'discussion'

Photo: City of Wilmington

Officials in Wilmington, Delaware removed statues of Christopher Columbus and Caesar Rodney to allow for discussion about the display of historical figures.

The Columbus statue on Delaware Avenue was removed Friday morning, and the Rodney statue was removed Friday night.

Mayor Mike Purzycki says the statues will be removed and will be stored so " there can be an overdue discussion about the public display of historical figures and events."

City officials also say they have been monitoring social media posts indicating that individuals and groups may be planning to damage or remove the statues themselves.

“We cannot erase history, as painful as it may be, but we can certainly discuss history with each other and determine together what we value and what we feel is appropriate to memorialize,” said Mayor Purzycki.

Purzycki said his office is taking the opportunity while the statues are removed to engage individuals and groups in a discussion about how to move forward.

“We can determine together how we should proceed as a City when it comes to public displays. In this period of awakening for our City, State, and country, we should be listening more to each other and building a more just City and a better America,” Purzycki added.

In New Jersey, Camden city officials dismantled and removed the statue of Christopher Columbus from its longtime pedestal in Farnham Park.




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