Christopher Columbus statue removed from Farnham Park in Camden

Camden city officials dismantled and removed the statue of Christopher Columbus from its longtime pedestal in Farnham Park.

SKYFOX flew over the scene as the statue was being removed Thursday around 6 p.m. from the park located on the 1600 block of Baird Blvd.

"The Christopher Columbus Statue located at Camden’s Farnham Park, has long been a controversial symbol.  Its presence has long pained the residents of the community.  Previously, there have been requests to remove the statue as the community no longer supports the monument.  It is long overdue, but we must now establish a plan to reexamine these outdated symbols of racial division and injustices," the City of Camden wrote in a news release.

The city added, "It is important that we work together as one community to establish a fair process that reevaluates these symbols in an orderly manner to ensure that resident voices are heard and acted upon.  I encourage community engagement in a productive, peaceful conversations about these issues as we call for a more inclusive community."

FOX 29's Steve Keeley reports there are 42 Christopher Columbus statues and monuments throughout New Jersey.

Protesters around the United States have been tearing down, defacing and vandalizing statues of Christopher Columbus.

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Philadelphia is home to two Christopher Columbus statues and Delaware Avenue was was renamed Columbus Boulevard almost 30 years ago. No word on if the city plans on removing the statues.


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