Woman charged with poisoning husband using eye drop solution

(FOX NEWS) A man in Utah allegedly discovered his wife was poisoning him with eye drop solution after staying home from work to investigate potential causes of his illness, KSL reported. Dallen Tubbs allegedly discovered "numerous empty eye drop solution bottles with the tops pulled off them in a black, cloth bag with a zipper," court documents state.

When Tubbs, who lost up to 40 pounds and was suffering from nausea, blurred vision, diarrhea and headaches, confronted his wife, Chandra Vauy Stevens Read, she allegedly said he was not her only target.

He then grew concerned for the couple's two children, who had experienced sudden changes in their behavior, court documents stated, according to KSL.

"He claims that the children have become more irritable and less consolable than they normally have been in the past," the documents state.

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