Woman, Daughter Stabbed to Death Outside Smyrna Home

SMYRNA, DE (WTXF) - We are following developing news out of Kent County, Delaware. That's where police say a mother and daughter were stabbed to death outside their Smyrna home. Now police say they have the man who did it- in custody.

Many neighbors saw the crime as it unfolded and were dialing 911. Now police say they have a motive for the crime.

Daniel Pennington is still reeling after his neighbors just across Hawkey Branch Road in Smyrna were stabbed to death in their own front yard in broad daylight. As shocked neighbors heard the screams and ran to help. Delaware State Police say it happened around 7:40 Sunday morning.

"They're the best people in the world. She treated me like a son," Daniel Pennington said, "They were going to church. He came and parked down the road in a cornfield and I guess he was hiding behind the house because when they came out of the house he stabbed the daughter in the driveway and must have chased the mom inside the garage."

Authorities say 80-year old Louise Carrow and her 56-year old daughter Mary Lane were killed.
Police say lane lived with her mother and stepfather in the home.

State police say the suspect, a man, ran from police caught up with him near the house.

Officers say they tased the knife wielding suspect late Sunday police identifying the alleged attacker as 66-year old Gilbert Rochester. Investigators say Lane and Rochester were in the midst of a divorce.

"A lot of people were already crying because they did witness the stabbing," Pennington said.

Adding to the horror of this crime, neighbors say Lane's 87-year old stepfather watched helplessly from the front porch as his family was stabbed to death.

Rochester now faces 2 counts of First Degree Murder.