Woman feeds police officers on Christmas

The holiday season is a time of giving and togetherness.

But for some in local police departments, they must be away from their families to protect and serve the community.

Luckily for the officers in the Kansas City Police Department, they know where they can go to feel at home this holiday season.

Laurie Horton, who works as a KCPD Real Time Operator recruits her husband to help cook the massive meal she serves on Christmas evening.

Two hams, four 24-pound turkeys, and a lot of fixings, it's a pure feast.

It's her a special treat for all the KCPD officers who spend the holiday away from their families -- doing their job to keep communities safe.

Her open-door policy is a tradition that began 13 years ago and is still going strong.

Just her way of saying thank you -- and letting these officers know how much they're appreciated.

Horton said, "They see so much and they have to live with so much and these people also go home at night to their spouses and their children and they have to have at least one place to come that`s safe, that`s home, that they`re wanted and they`re loved."

Slade Whetro, a KCPD officer said, "It always stinks being away from your family, but it`s nice to come to a place like this where it really does feel like a second home. You walk in the door, there`s a bunch of food ready to go, just like you would at home, so it`s nice to have a very comforting feeling."

It takes a lot of work to put this on, last year Horton served more than 80 officers.