Woman Rescued After Crash Trapped Her in Car for Two Days

AMERICAN FORK CANYON, UT- A miracle rescue was made in California Thursday, after a woman was found trapped at the base of a canyon after a car crash.

29 year-old Heather Blackwelder is lucky to be alive.

A couple out taking pictures in American Fork Canyon saved her life after hearing her cries for help.

Blackwelder's car went through a guardrail and traveled several hundred feet down a mountainside.

Spencer Dryden and his girlfriend Cleo had trouble even locating Blackwelder because her car was covered by the dense woods.

Deputies say she was trapped in her car for at least two days before Cleo was able to reach rescue teams to airlift and to the area's medical center.

''From the distance of where the road was, and the condition that the car was in, it just, it seemed like she should have been way more injured than that, she wasn't punctured at all by any of the metal in the car or anything like that. She just had what I believed to be bones that were broken from being tumbled around," said Dryden.

"Being stuck there, being in an area where nobody driving by in a car, riding by on a motorcycle or riding by on a bicycle would have seen her--very unlikely that anybody driving or riding a bike would have heard her, and these folks that did find her: It was just really, really fortunate that they heard her in the first place and were able to work their way down to where she was," said Sgt. Cannon of the Utah County Sheriff's Department.

Blackwelder suffered injuries that include broken bones, but, officials stated her injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. She was listed as being in serious condition Thursday night.