Woman seeks owner of lost necklace containing ashes found at Wells Fargo Center

A woman is seeking the owner of a lost necklace containing ashes that she found at the Disturbed and Three Days Grace concert at the Wells Fargo Center.

"It's a rock concert. A heavy metal concert. So yeah, it's really easy to lose stuff, especially when you're on the floor," said Amie Corrado-Babe.

She found something so special to someone and she can't imagine what they're going through wondering where they lost it.

"If it was anything that was family-related and sentimental I'd be devastated if I lost it," she said.

Amie found a necklace on the floor of the mosh pit at the Disturbed and Three Days Grace concert two weeks ago at the Wells Fargo Center. She knew right away it contained someone's ashes.

"It was made like one of those little trinkets that people wear around their neck that has their loved one's remains in it. It's a gold little pendant. It's circular and has 'Mom' on the front, a design and a white enamel. There is a name and date on back," she said.

Amie posted pictures of the pendant on Facebook.

This evening it had more than 900 shares and nearly 70 comments but none from the person it belongs to.

Amie is holding out hope.

"If it was mine and I had lost it I would hope somebody would help me find it again. Good karma I guess never hurts. Doing something good for someone else is always good," she said.

You can contact us on our FOX 29 Facebook page if it belongs to you. You have to tell us what's engraved on the back.