Young Woman Uses Facebook to Find Rescuer

Hello my Facebook friends! I am quite nervous to make this post as it is rather personal, but I have exhausted the...

Settler, Alberta (STORYFUL/WTXF) Mackenzie Berry of Settler, Alberta, used Facebook to help her connect with a woman who saved her from a car crash that killed her father in 2005. Berry posted to her social media page on November 18, giving what details she could remember about her rescuer , writing, "I have carried her in my heart ever since, no amount of words could ever thank her."

Little more than a day later, Chelsea Kateland Nahuliak from Lloydminster, Alberta, got in touch with Berry to inform her that it was her mother, Jeana Kelly, she was searching for. Nahuliak was also present at the accident and wrote that her "heart skipped a beat" when she realised that Berry had been searching for her mother for so many years.