Canine called ‘the best damn dog in professional baseball'

Jake the Diamond Dog has been known as 'the best damn dog in professional baseball' and video from his Monday appearance definitely backs up that claim.

Let's go to at Parkview Field in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

A video shared by WPTA-TV sports anchor Zach Groth shows Jake saunter up to umpires carrying a basket filled with water bottles in his mouth during the Fort Wayne Tincaps' 5-1 victory over the South Bend Cubs.

Jake waits patiently for the umpires to finish their drinks before exiting the field -- or should we say diamond, since he's Jake the Diamond Dog?

A fixture at minor-league baseball stadiums for some years, Groth's viral video may just be Jake's ticket to the big time.

He may be in Fort Wayne but he's Major League to us!