Chef Gordon Ramsay's recipes for FIFA World Cup 2022

Chef Gordon Ramsay has provided five delicious recipes for you to enjoy during the FIFA World Cup 2022 event.  So review the 2022 World Cup schedule and the FIFA World Cup 2022 Fan Guide, then decide which dish you should prepare for which game.

Apple cider sangria


Move over mulled wine, this apple cider sangria is this year's fall cocktail of choice.  With notes of cinnamon and the season's best apples, this sangria is the ultimate brunch companion.

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Frites mayo


Traditionally made with gold potatoes, this frites recipe uses sweet potatoes for added color.  It's the perfect sweet and savory side dish for your brunch spread.

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Banofee trifle cups


The best way to share a banofee pie while watching the game is to have individual cups, of course!  These mini banofeee trifles are the best way to cure your sweet tooth after a fabulous brunch.

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Savory crepes


These naturally gluten-free crepes are a great way to add some color and new flavors to your brunch spread.  Don't be intimidated by the thought of making crepes, just make sure to use enough melted butter to coat your nonstick pan and the batter will cook up perfectly!

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Bife à cavalo


Inspired by the breakfast dishes of Portugal, Brazil and Argentina, this take on steak and eggs packs a flavorful punch.

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