Local woman works dream job as NHL photojournalist

One local woman works at her dream job. She spends the day photographing her favorite team.

FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer has her story.

Before each Philadelphia Flyers home game, you will find Kate Frese in her usual spot ice level inside the Wells Fargo Center.

"I still get nervous every single game," she told FOX 29.

She is focusing on that night's game.

"I can kind of relate to players when they are pacing back and forth in that tunnel getting ready to hit the ice because I feel it, too," she explained.

She is a hockey fan turned NHL photojournalist.

"It is still surreal to me. It is such a humbling experience to me to figure out what my dream job is and have it. How many people in this world can say that?" Frese said.

For the last 8 years, Kate's work has captured many memorable moments

"I was positioned right behind the net. So I had the perfect set up to capture him putting his hands up getting the goal and the reaction," she said.

A player's first goal or their first steps on the ice.

"It is a sixth sense. I think it is being around the game and being able to predict shots, but sometimes I just get lucky," Frese said.

Throughout the game, she is on the move. Racing through the center's many hallways finding time to edit and post shots before the next period begins.

"I am looking for a mix of dynamic, candid's, emotional stuff to give a well-rounded gallery when I am done," she said.

Her work is seen on many websites, blogs and social media.

"I think of the writer point-of-view and what notes the writers are jotting down and I try to have images that will correlate with that," she explained.

Fortunately, this game has plenty of action. The game is tied heading towards overtime. A shot of the winning goal a must. But on this night, there are no obstacles just the winning goal in perfect focus.

A big win for the home team means players in the locker room are more relaxed. Finding space to work is sometimes challenging.

"It is just kind of strange to me that people even care about my work, you know. I still want to grow and do better," she said. "I am a fan when it comes down to this and that is just how I see the sport."