Weather Authority: Cooler than average Monday starts mild stretch with weekend rain

Monday is starting off a mild week with seasonable yet cool temperatures in the Delaware Valley. 

Slight rain showers are moving through parts of southern New Jersey early Monday morning as temperatures linger in the 40s. 

Forecasters say temps will rise to the upper 50s, peaking around 60 degrees. 

In addition to the mild temperatures, there will be medium to high levels of tree pollen, impacting allergies. 

Tuesday's temperatures are set to be similar to Monday's, starting in the 30s and 40s before rising to 60. 

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Spotty showers will move through the area Wednesday evening, but more consistent rain will make its way into the area over the weekend. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday all have a chance for rain in the area. 



MONDAY: Sunny, breezy. High: 60, Low: 44

TUESDAY: Sunny skies. High: 62, Low: 42

WEDNESDAY: Sun to clouds. High: 65, Low: 43

THURSDAY: Morning showers, afternoon sun. High: 66, Low: 47

FRIDAY: Sun to showers. High: 64, Low: 47

SATURDAY: Shower chance. High: 62, Low: 50

SUNDAY: Clouds, showers. High: 64, Low: 52