Laynee Gets A Good Day Merry Christmas!

FOX 29's Mike Jerrick has hosted the St. Christopher's prom for several years. In that time, he's become great friends with Laynee. Today, Mike invited her onto Good Day. Little did she know, he had a surprise waiting for her all the way from the North Pole!

Laynee's mother, Heather, broke the news on the show that Laynee's cancer has returned, and is now in two different places. She is considered to be high risk at this point, but her treatment continues.

PHOTOS: A Good Day Merry Christmas For Laynee!

Despite her prognosis, Laynee was all smiles Thursday morning thanks to Santa and his elves, who brought her everything she asked Santa for, and then some!

Oh, and she had quite the gift for Mike as well!