#StormTheHeavens: Local girl battling cancer meets Pope Francis

In September, we introduced you to Philomena Stendardo and told you about her battle with cancer.

Her family is deeply religious and asked for prayers from the public, and now they have a new ally in Pope Francis.

Seven-year-old Philomena was running drills with her soccer team in September when her father noticed she didn't have the same control over the ball that she usually had.

An MRI followed that revealed a mass near her brain stem.

They were told the cancer was in inoperable and turned to prayer.

The hashtags #PrayForPhil and #StormTheHeavens captured the world's attention.

The Make a Wish Foundation contacted her and asked what she wanted.

Her wish was to meet Pope Francis, and that dream just came true.

The Pope blessed her and her entire family.

When he got to the end of the reception line, he turned and went back to see Philomena.

Philomena and her family shared their experience on Good Day Philadelphia Monday morning.