Study: Alcohol affects memories, triggering cravings and relapses

We know that alcohol affects perception – that is part of the draw.

But new research out of the University of Pennsylvania finds that alcohol also affects our memories, triggering cravings and relapses.

A Penn animation shows that alcohol byproducts actually attach to the DNA of brain cells.

Penn Medicine's Dr. Shelley Berger is the senior author of the study. She says the goal is to block the pathway to give alcoholics a better chance at maintaining their sobriety.

People, places, seasons and events are among the things that can trigger a relapse.

An existing compound could be used to reduce alcohol-associated memories.

The study team was led by researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine, and their work was published in Nature.

Berger told us more on "Good Day Philadelphia" Thursday morning, and you can watch the complete interview in the video above.