1 dead, 1 hospitalized after lightning strike on Florida beach

One person has died and another hospitalized following a lightning strike in Satellite Beach, Florida on Friday.

The two men were transported to the hospital after the incident was reported to authorities by witnesses. It happened along the 300 to 500 block stretch of State Road A1A.

"I heard lightning. It sounded like it was right there. The flash even came in the window, so I decided to look outside and see if I can see anything," said Patrick Collins, a visitor from Georgia. "When I look at the window, I saw a man laying down on the sand."

Witnesses said the two men where thrown to the ground. One man got up, but the other did not. Investigators said the victim on the ground died, and the other is recovering at the hospital in stable condition.

"He seemed really disoriented. He even asked, 'Where am I?' Like, 'You're in Florida. You're like 10 miles south of Cocoa Beach.' He was like, 'No way!' and I was like, 'Yeah, you are,'" Collins explained.

Authorities said the two were visiting from out of town. The deceased has been identified as Lamar Rayfield, 35, of Philadelphia.