1 dead, 1 wounded in Juniata Park hit-and-run

JUNIATA PARK --(WTXF)-- Police say one man died Sunday night in Juniata Park after an SUV slammed into the car he was in. According to police, the SUV took off, but was found later that night. They haven't said who was behind the wheel; however, they are hoping to speak with a man who might know something.

Loved ones were overcome with grief; desperate to find the person behind the wheel of the SUV that slammed into the car, which killed 42-year-old Francis Arroyo and injured his brother Osvaldo. Osvaldo, who suffered a minor chest injury, did not want to speak on his way home today.

"Why do it? Why?" cried Ines Lopez. She's overcome with grief after her oldest son 42-year-old Francis Arroyo was killed in a hit-and-run."He working every day. He was a very good son. He was no problem."

Police say it appears he was making a U-turn at I and East Luzerne when a gray 2008 Mitsubishi SUV slammed into the passenger side and took off.

"What's good about this is some 911 callers led us to where the vehicle. Apparently followed the vehicle to 9th and Rising Sun where the person got out of the vehicle and left so we know there was only one person in the vehicle," said Philadelphia Police Captain John Wilczynski.

According to police, they know who owns the SUV.

"We're looking to talk to Alberto Vangas, he's the registered owner of that vehicle, crucial that he talk to us and tell us who was operating the vehicle at the time," Captain Wilczynski explained.

Detectives say Vangas lives on 9th street where the SUV was parked. Police say the Arroyo family dog was believed to have been inside the car and may have run away in all the confusion. According to investigators, they are applauding all the help they have been getting from the public.

Detectives are still waiting for Alberto Vangas to come and talk with them. In the meantime, police have moved his SUV to their garage where it's being dusted for prints and they're collecting other evidence. Police say they're also checking Francis Arroyo's 1991 Mazda that his brother was driving. The family's pet has not been found at this time.