1 fire, several crashes mean slow-going on I-95 northbound

Good Day Philadelphia was watching as firefighters and a tow truck showed up to put out a car engulfed in flames in I-95. That was in South Philadelphia. There's also trouble further north, in the Girard Avenue construction and near Woodhaven Road.

First, South Philadelphia. This was the scene in the northbound lanes between Broad Street and the stadium area.

Traffic has to stay to the left.

FOX 29's Bob Kelly noticed at least one person walking by, hopefully the driver, so it seems everyone is OK and there are no injuries.

Luckily, there was no gas tank explosion.

Authorities are investigating what went wrong, and working to put out the fire and move the car away.

Now, take a look at the scene further north. You'll want to avoid I-95 northbound from Center City up to Girard Avenue if you haven't been already, due to the construction.

Bob Kelly reminds us the northbound Girard Avenue exit ramp has been moved due to that construction, leading to confusion.

The cause of the crash has not been released, but traffic is backed up from Center City up to Girard.

There's also trouble on that long stretch of I-95 northbound around Washington Avenue.

Plus, Bob Kelly has late word of a multi-vehicle crash at yet another point on northbound I-95.

This latest incident is at Woodhaven Road.

Bob counted four vehicles involved, and delays from Academy Road up to Woodhaven.