10 Cops Escort 7-Year-Old to 'Father-Son Breakfast' After His Dad Was Murdered

(INSIDE EDITION) This 7-year-old boy was given the surprise of a lifetime when 10 cops adopted him for the day, just in time for his school's father-son breakfast that he has never been able to attend.

"As many boys and girls love to have birthdays, my son does not," Lisa Portillo from Miami told InsideEdition.com. "That is also the day my son's father -- my husband -- was murdered, so for my son, it's not a happy day."

Portillo said her husband was in Cuba two years ago when he was shot and killed at a soccer game.

"I tell my son, 'You know, sometimes life throws us a curveball,'" Portillo said. "We have to keep our heads strong and up and keep going."

While the mother and son have been getting by on their own, Little Oscar has always been devastated around the time of his school's annual father-son breakfast, since he has never been able to attend.

Oscar told InsideEdition.com, "I needed someone for that day."

"My son was sad that I can't be a man," Portillo. "Only men are supposed to go."

Despite never having much of a relationship with the Miami Police, Portillo called the department the day before the breakfast, and asked if her son would be able to "borrow" a police officer for a little while.

Although she wasn't sure whether any cops would show, four officers came to her doorstep at 7:30 the following morning, ready to be Oscar's honorary father.

Six more police officers joined the boy just to be a part of the surprise.

"He was really surprised. He was speechless," Portillo said. "He was a real star that day. They made my son really happy that day."

Officers even insisted on continuing their relationship with the boy, including teaching him karate, and taking him to the park.

"That day they were there for my son," Portillo said, "and I will be forever grateful to them."