101st birthday means beer and cake for Venice WWII veteran

An ice-cold brew and a slice of birthday cake is all John Bussi needs to celebrate his 101st birthday.

He’s a World War II veteran living in Venice, Florida and Wednesday he celebrated with his buddies down at the local VFW.

In fact, most days John Bussi can be found at that VFW. The bartender said he comes in, gets two Yuenglings, and chats with his crew.

Bussi still drives, a feat not that surprising, coming from someone who survived the second world war.

“I still feel like I did when I was younger,” Bussi said.

He was in the Army’s 16th Armored Division and saw combat in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Bavaria, and Czechoslovakia. He remembers a day when he was leading his unit and came across Germans about to execute Jews.

“So I killed the three Nazis and freed over 100 Jews. Men and women both,” Bussi said.

Nearly 80 years later, that moment has stayed with him. But it’s been his positive attitude that’s gotten him to 101.

“He smiles at everything,” bartender Cynthia Unghal told FOX 13 News. “I asked him what his philosophy was on life, and how he lived to be 101, and he said ‘No stress.’”

No stress -- and an ice-cold glass of beer.