12-year-old dances with sister confined to wheelchair at wedding

(INSIDE EDITION) - A 12-year-old girl from Massachusetts surprised her mother on her wedding day with a special dance she performed with her sister, who is confined to a wheelchair.

Angelina can be seen performing the touching dance with her younger sister, 8-year-old Aubrey, who has spinal muscular atrophy, in a video shared by Caters News.

The clip shows Angelina spinning Aubrey, whose wheelchair was decorated for the special number.

Angelina's mother, Shellie Lopes Boulanger, said she was not expecting the moment at all.

"It was after the mother and son dance, and the DJ said there was still one very special performance to come," Lopes Boulanger said.

Angelina choreographed the dance herself and was emotional about the surprise.

"We were all completely blown away by this dance," Lopes Boulanger said. ""I had absolutely no idea; they had been practicing it without me knowing."

The whole room felt touched by the moment, the mom said.

"Everyone in the room was crying," Lopes Boulanger said. "So many different people came up to me during the wedding and said it was one of the most special things they'd ever witnessed.

The mom said she wishes she could re-live the moment again, but she'll definitely never forget it.