13 families displaced following 2 fires in Delaware County

Two major fires broke out in Delaware County Thursday morning—three miles apart. Some volunteer firefighters rushed from scene to scene, facing neighbors who lost everything. 

Everyone made it out safely, but now at least 13 families are out of a home. 

“I was crying, seriously, I was crying because I got all my stuff in there,” said Helena Wilson. “Everything is damaged now. I got nothing else.” 

Wilson has lived in her apartment on Clifton Avenue for seven years. She watched as firefighters tossed her TV and chair on the lawn as they tried to save the rest of her home. She says the fire started in the apartment above hers.

“When I came back, all the smoke was here, and I saw the police busting out my apartment. I got my two cats in there and I don't know where they are," she said.

Then, a miracle moment. Darby Township Police Chief Mike Sousa carried out a cat and reunited him with another owner. It was not exactly what Wilson wished for but it gave a glimpse of hope for everyone. 

“Coming back to find there was a cat in the building the entire time that makes the job worthwhile,” said Chief Sousa.


2-alarm fire engulfs Darby Borough apartment

The first fire broke out around 5 a.m. Thursday morning on Main Street in Darby Borough. The second fire spread through apartments around 10 a.m. Thursday on Clifton Avenue in Darby Township.

“Many of these firefighters were at that call this morning, missed a night sleep, and now battling another fire. They missed a day's work,” said Timothy Boyce, the Director of Emergency Services in Delaware County. 

The American Red Cross along with the Salvation Army and Delaware Housing Authority opened a warming shelter for residents whose homes were destroyed. 

“They are going to set up a shelter something like that but I’m going to go try to stay with somebody if I can,” said Raymond Berstler.


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