2 New Jersey troopers pull unconscious man from burning car

GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, N.J. (WTXF/AP) - Two New Jersey state troopers managed to wrestle an unconscious man to safety as flames consumed his burning car.

Dashcam video showed the drama as it played out on Route 42 in Gloucester Township Sunday.

Troopers Thomas O'Connor and Christopher Warwick arrived on the scene to find the car against a guardrail with the unconscious motorist's foot pressed on the accelerator. As flames engulfed the vehicle and the passenger compartment, the troopers pulled the man out the window.

"You don't want to sit there and watch someone burn. So you're gonna do everything you can to get 'em out. It's just more instinctive. We both have families; we wouldn't want to lose a family member. And that's all taken into consideration," Trooper Warwick told FOX 29.

"It wasn't until we saw the footage that we actually realized, wow, that fire was pretty big and pretty close to us. You know it's there, but I guess you're not really thinking, alright you know its eventually gonna come and possibly burn him and us. You're still so focused on trying to get the driver out," Trooper O'Connor added.

State police say the driver regained consciousness and declined any medical attention.