2 police officers expected to face charges within next 2 days

Two Philadelphia police officers are expected to be arrested over the next two days. The first should be turning himself in on Thursday morning.

His incident happened last May and he's a nine-year veteran, still on the force.

FOX 29's Steve Keeley reports he was riding his motorcycle off-duty on Broad Street near Temple University Hospital when he said a car turned in front of him at Tigoa. They crashed and he landed on the hood of the car, and then the ground.

He identified himself as a police officer and said the driver retrieved a gun, so he fired three times, hitting the car and shattering a hospital window, but not hitting anybody.

He's expected to turn himself in Internal Affairs, and then be brought to the 15th Police District to be charged.

The other case is federal.

An officer who just retired two weeks ago was working with an elite FBI narcotics task force.

He's under investigation for skimming heroin from dealers, and giving the drugs to a prostitute who was later involved in a deadly crash.

That would make six Philadelphia officer arrests in the past six weeks. Other charges include animal cruelty, drag racing, hit and run, and child pornography.

Despite that, the department has 6,500 officers and this is a very small percentage.