20-Year-Old woman auctioning off virginity to raise money for family

(Inside Edition) After a devastating fire claimed her home, a young Washington woman has made an important decision many have viewed as extremely controversial.

20-year-old Katherine Stone has decided to auction off her virginity for the sake of her family.

Stone's family home in Seattle was destroyed in a fire in 2014. They had no insurance so due to financial complications, they were forced to stay on the burned out property.

Later, Stone came across a Facebook ad for a legal brothel in Nevada. Prostitution is legal in some counties in the state.

Stone turned to Dennis Hof, who owns at least seven brothels in Nevada, each one of them legal.

"I talked to my people and I talked to her and she convinced me that this is something she wanted to do," Hof told InsideEdition.com.

With support from her mother, Stone said goodbye to her old home and made her way to one of Hof's brothels, where she now lives.

"I was definitely scared throughout the whole thing," Stone told InsideEdition.com. "I was intimidated because I was brand new to the sex industry."

Despite her fears, she said all of the ladies who work at Hof's brothel are supportive.

"It's just a good environment; we have fun here," she said.

The current bid for Stone's virginity has reached $400,000, but no offers have been accepted just yet.

According to Hof, she is looking for Mr. Right.

"She hasn't found the right situation," said Hof. "She's had guys that she's liked that didn't have enough money and she's had guys that had enough but she didn't like them."

Hof said due to Stone's situation, he won't accept any of the profits.

Stone said she's waiting for someone to make her feel comfortable with what she's doing and, while there have been negative criticisms online, Stone won't let it affect her.

"The whole time I've been here, I've come to terms with what I'm doing," she said. "I'm definitely ready."