24-year-old accused cop killer free from jail on one of the largest bonds ever made in Harris Co.

24-year-old Robert Soliz is an admitted gang member with a lengthy criminal history.

His bond was set at $750,000 last November when he was charged in the murder of HPD Sergeant Sean Rios.

"I have never ever seen someone bond out on total bonds of $750,000 in close to four decades," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "I was shocked."

"It’s heartbreaking to think if you kill anyone and claim to be indigent, and have no money, yet you come up with $75,000 to bond out of jail, how does that happen?" said Houston Police Union President Douglas Griffith.


One of the conditions of Soliz’s bond is to wear a GPS tracking device which the county is not making him pay for.

His attorney says Soliz didn’t know Rios, who was not in uniform and on his way to work, was a cop.


Attorney Clay Conrad also claims Rios was a rogue cop and HPD is trying to whitewash his disciplinary past.

"We believe the reason Sean Rios is dead today is that HPD was unwilling to discipline him appropriately on all the other occasions when he stepped out of bounds," Conrad said.

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"He’s got to know, he’s looking if he’s convicted, of a potential life sentence," Kahan said. "So the question is do I stay in town for that or do I simply take off?"

"I got a text message from his ex-wife and the daughter said, I’ll give all the money I got, if they just keep him in jail," Griffith said. "It’s sickening to think that poor little girl has to think about this guy being out on the streets while she no longer has a father."

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