2nd driver charged with killing 2 in highway race

A Washington, DC, man is the second under arrest for the deaths of two people and an unborn baby while racing on Route 422 in February.

The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office says minutes after midnight on Feb. 4, West Pottsgrove police found a white BMW had crashed through the highway's eastbound guardrail, left the roadway and launched down an embankment into a ravine.

The BMW ended up on its roof, 200 feet from the roadway.

Driver Shone Santiago and two passengers were trapped inside.

Santiago was flown to the hospital.

Anthony Rodriguez, 23, Marissa Kelly, 20, and her unborn child were declared dead at the scene.

Investigators learned Evaughn-Sha Walters, 21 from Washington, was racing Santiago in his Toyota Camry at the time of the tragedy.

Santiago had been driving at least 121 mph in a work zone, where the speed limit was 40 mph.

Investigators also learned the two had been racing an hour before on Route 100, and downloaded a video of that from Walters' cell phone. It showed him going 140 mph at one point.

Walters is charged with two counts of 3rd degree murder, one count of 3rd degree murder of an unborn child, two counts of homicide by vehicle, recklessly endangering another person, unsworn falsifications and related charges.

Shone was arrested Thursday and faces the same charges except unsworn falsifications. Instead, he's charged with DUI because authorities said his blood tested positive for the presence of TC (marijuana).

Walters and Shone were both denied bail.