4 prisoners escape from Oklahoma jail

(INSIDE EDITION)--Four inmates, including a man charged with murder, escaped from an Oklahoma jail and are on the loose, authorities said Monday.

The prisoners, housed in different sections of the Lincoln County Jail, slipped out in the wee hours by clambering through air ducts, according to Sheriff Charles Dougherty.

The prisoners were identified as Brian Allen Moody, 23, Sonny Baker, 41, Trey Goodnight, 27 and Jeremy Tyson Irvin, 31.

Moody and Baker escaped in March using the same ventilation center.

Irvin is charged with first-degree murder, the sheriff said. The others were charged with property crimes, he said.

They are considered extremely dangerous, Dougherty said.

The prisoners were able to climb into an area above the ceiling that allowed them to crawl through air conditioning vents, authorities said.

"They get up on top of that and they're able to jump over to an air vent," Dougherty told reporters in Chandler Monday. Contractors were being contacted to fix that gap, which runs the length of the jail, he said.

The escapees appeared to have stolen a red pickup and a white truck from neighboring homes.

A massive manhunt was underway for the four men, with highway closures and door-to-door searches. State troopers spotted a white truck in the area and gave chase, but the vehicle was abandoned and the occupants escaped on foot, authorities said.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 and warned to not approach the prisoners.