4 teens wounded in overnight shooting, 3 found

Police say they were called to the scene of a shooting, overnight, and didn't immediately find victims, but did see evidence.

Turns out, four young men between 16 and 18 years old had been shot.

It happened just before 12:30am in the 5900 block of Hammond Street. Police found remnants from a 9mm pistol.

Later, they were told medics had taken a 17-year-old to the hospital in stable condition with a gunshot wound to his right ankle.

Then, after 2am, they report a 16-year-old was dropped off at the hospital "by an unknown private vehicle. He suffered a gunshot wound to his right foot and he too was in stable condition."

At about 2:43am, a third victim was discovered. A 17-year-old "suffered from a graze wound to the left ankle," according to police. "He refused medical treatment."

Finally, just before 4am, a fourth victim was identified. Police say a family member called to say an 18-year-old had been shot in one of his legs, but they have not found that victim.

The investigation is ongoing and police say they think the gunman was another young person.