4 wounded, 1 dead in South Jersey shooting

Crime scene investigators spent Monday evening gathering evidence from a bullet riddled Ford Expedition that pulled into the parking lot at Wawa off Tilton Road near the AC airport with four people wounded inside. They also shut down the AC Expressway around 7 p.m. Monday looking for evidence on the highway.

NJ State Police say the occupants of the SUV were the victims of a gun battle just before 3 p.m. on the AC Expressway. More than a dozen shots struck the moving SUV, which took out the passenger side windows and rear tire. SkyFOX was overhead when a second vehicle was found a few miles away on the Garden State Parkway. One person there was found shot to death in that car, according to investigators.

State Police say they recovered multiple weapons at a third location nearby. Several guns were used in the exchange of gun fire. The victims were all men from the area. Police say these was not a random shooting.