4-year-old boy shot in head in recovery

(INSIDE EDITION)--A 4-year-old who was shot in the head during an alleged road rage incident in Ohio is miraculously recovering, his family said.

The 4-year-old, who has not been named, was shot while in the car with his mother and 7-year-old sister on Sunday evening, police said.

His mother, Cecilia Hill, reportedly honked her horn at a car that was blocking the road, and the car then allegedly followed her onto the highway and fired shots into her car.

One bullet went through the front of her 4-year-old's head, doctors said.

"My son is doing great," Hill said at at Cleveland University Hospitals press conference on Friday. "He's the strongest kid that you'll ever meet."

The boy is reportedly "out and about playing," doctors said.

Surgeons placed titanium plates in the boy's skull to help repair the damage.

"He was incredibly lucky," Dr. Krystal Tomei, chief pediatric neurosurgeonUniversity Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital said. "We usually don't see kids with similar injuries have this kind of outcome."

Leon Edwards and John Smith, both 21, have been arrested on charges of attempted murder

"There is no relationship. These aren't people who know each other or hang out together," Cleveland Police Third District Commander Thomas McCartney said Thursday.