6-year-old hospitalized after tractor trailer strikes pick-up truck

A 6-year-old has been hospitalized following a crash involving a tractor trailer and a pick-up truck in Glasgow, Delaware.

The incident occurred at Pulaski Highway and S. College Avenue around 2:30 a.m.

According to officials, the tractor trailer was involved in a high speed impact with the rear of the pick-up truck. The pick-up truck caught fire.

A 6-year-old who was sitting in the back of the vehicle has been transported to A.I. DuPont for treatment. He was extricated from the vehicle by a bystander and treated by paramedics for burns, head injury, and abrasions. The bystander suffered minor burns by refused transport to the hospital

The two other occupants of the pick-up truck, an adult male and female, were transported to Christiana Hospital for evaluation.

The 33-year-old driver of the tractor trailer lost consciousness and says he remembers waking up after the accident. His vital signs are stable, though he is complaining of left shoulder, forehead, low left abdomen, and left leg pain. He was also taken to Christiana Hospital.