8-year-old girl trying to stop mother from driving drunk dragged 300 feet, police say

The Placentia Police Department in California wrote in a press release published on Friday that 44-year-old Erin Garcia was visiting her mother's home with her daughter when she decided to leave despite her apparent intoxication. 

Police said the child was concerned about her mom driving drunk and followed her to the vehicle, grabbing the passenger door handle and urging her mom to stop. 

Police reported that Garcia looked at the child and proceeded to drive away, dragging the girl alongside the vehicle for approximately 300 feet. 

A male bystander and Garcia’s grandmother had attempted to stop Garcia and get her out of the vehicle. But Garcia drove away and dragged the man with her for a short distance before leaving the scene, police said. 

Police said they responded to the grandmother’s house shortly after where they located Garcia hiding behind some bushes in the backyard. Officers attempted to take Garcia into custody but she resisted, kicking the officers

The child and bystander were taken to a nearby hospital with moderate injuries. 

Garcia was taken into custody, transferred to Orange County Jail and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment and battery against a peace officer.