92-Year-Old Grandfather Serenades Wife During 50 Year Anniversary Party: 'Grandma Loved It'

(INSIDE EDITION) An Oklahoma couple proved that romance never dies, even after 50 long years of being married.

Harvey Wosika, 92, was celebrating his wedding anniversary with wife Mildred last Sunday when he decided to get down on one knee and serenade her in front of 150 family members and friends.

In Wosika's musical number, he sang the Bing Crosby classic "Let Me Call You Sweetheart," changing the words to reflect his 90-year-old wife.

"Grandma loved it," Lisa Epperly, one of the couples 35 grandchildren, told InsideEdition.com. "You can [see] how excited she was in the video when she shrugs her shoulders like a school girl. She said grandpa was just full of surprises."

It was especially moving since her grandfather had been short of breath during that time, relying on the aid of an oxygen tank, Epperly said.

Wosika usually does not sing unless he and his wife are at church, but "Grandma says he doesn't sing much anymore there either, due to his voice cracking so much now," Epperly said.

But it seems nothing could get in the way of their all-consuming passion.

"They're in love," said Dawn McDonald, one of their 11 children. "They show their love for each other all the time."

"Grandpa says the secret is to always say 'Yes, honey,'" Epperly joked.