After Years of Trying to Get Pregnant, Wife Surprises Husband with News by Dressing Up Their Dogs

(INSIDE EDITION) After more than three years of fertility treatments, Heather surprised her husband Justin with the news they were having a baby by dressing up their dogs.

Heather had T-shirts made that said "big sister" and "big brother" and put them on the couple's beloved pets. Then she called her husband at work and told him there was a wasp in the house.

"I decided to use the dogs because they mean the world to us," she told INSIDE EDITION. "During our hardest days dealing with infertility they would lift our spirits and bring us so much happiness."

She also referred to them as "our fur children."

Heather said she had stopped the fertility treatment when she got pregnant. The couple was saving money for a more advanced form of therapy "when it just happened on its own," she said.

She said she had been having dreams about her mother, who died nine years ago. On her mom's birthday, Heather had a dream in which her mom was holding a baby.

"When I woke up, I just knew I was pregnant," she said. "She went to her fertility specialist to have blood work done, which her progesterone levers were very low, an imbalance that can cause a miscarriage.

"I was able to get on progesterone to support the pregnancy until my placenta took over," she said.

She is now 12 weeks along.

"Justin was in complete shock!" she said.

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