AG Shapiro announces partnership to target straw purchases of guns

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro ((Office of Gov. Tom Wolf))

The Pennsylvania Attorney General has announced a partnership that will target straw purchases of guns in Philadelphia and educate women about the dangers of the illegal practice.

A straw purchase is when someone without a criminal record buys a gun for someone who cannot legally purchase one. Nationwide, women make up to 80% of such purchases.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Thursday his office is giving a $123,000 grant to a Boston-based nonprofit offering education and awareness campaigns to help women say no to straw-purchased guns.

Operation LIPSTICK says their work has helped reduce gun crimes by women in Boston. The nonprofit will partner with local violence prevention group Mothers in Charge.

Shapiro says Philadelphia's gun violence task force opens an average of 25 straw purchasing cases a month.