Allegations of racism splits Philly's LGBT community

Allegations of racism are splitting Philly's LGBT community. There's a lot of disagreement among leaders on just how to address it.

Racism in the LGBT community is a growing concern as several are complaining about discriminatory dress codes, hiring practices and language. The problem is that many say that what's finally becoming a public concern is something they've been complaining about for years.

With questions about discriminatory dress codes and leaked videos activists spent the day telling FOX 29's Bill Anderson about racism in Philly's Gayborhood that they say has been allowed to linger unaddressed.

This weekend as the city raised the LGBT flag for LGBT history month. Protestors were there. They say the racism in our city is real and it's longstanding. But can it be fixed?

The younger activists say they've been ignored for too long. But LGBT elders like activist Dion Stallworth don't see it that way.

Everyone including the city agrees there's a problem with racism in the Gayborhood but now there's a second concern---how do you solve it if even the victims can't agree?

Mayor Kenney and the city administration say that they are committed to working together to address the alleged racism in the LGBT community and look forward to a hearing October 25 where the issue will be specifically addressed.