Amanda DeGuio disappearance: Police hope for answers after Delco mom went missing 7 years ago

What happened to Amanda DeGuio? It's the question her family is still asking seven years after she disappeared without a trace. Police hope new attention can help them break the case.

DeGuio disappeared when she was 24 years old. DeGuio was last seen at her home in Upper Darby on June 3, 2014. She left without her cell phone, credit cards, or a change of clothes. She doesn’t drive and no one knows how she left.

"Amanda was a mother, she was a sister she was a daughter. And we want the public to know we’re still actively working it and we’ll never stop working it and hopefully, we can bring some peace to the family," said Upper Darby Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt.

While she was in recovery for opioid addiction after surgery, DeGuio was known to visit friends in Swarthmore, but no signs of her were found there.

Police investigated a reported sighting of  DeGuio years ago in Kensington, who turned out to be someone else.

DeGuio's family says she’d never leave her two young daughters willingly.

"We need to know if she’s hurt. We need to know why she left. We need to know if she’s waiting somewhere for us to come to find her," said Joanne Deguio, Amanda’s mother.

No new leads have arisen since DeGuio’s family spoke to the media in 2018. They declined to be interviewed for this story. DeGuio's mother said she still prays at church daily for her daughter’s return.

Troy Welch lives in DeGuio's Drexel Hill apartment and is friends with the family. He says the case still haunts the neighborhood. 

Deguio’s daughters, who are eight and 13 years old now, live with their grandmother across the street still not knowing if they’ll ever see their mother again.

Police say they are hoping new attention to the case could bring new leads.

"We’re hoping that by a story or an article someone might remember something, and even if it was two years ago, three years ago or four years ago, if they didn’t report it or didn't think it was important to to give us that information," Bernhardt said.

The DeGuio family hired a private investigator specializing in missing persons and a reward still stands for Amanda’s return.

"I pray that when I look out the window, I’m going to hear a knock and it’s going to be Amanda. She’s gonna say, "Gammy, I’m here"," said Gloria Deguio, Amanda’s grandmother.

Deguio is now 31 and is still officially a missing person. Although police and her family are no closer to finding her, they say they are not giving up hope.



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