Amazon ‘Lord of the Rings’ series is looking to cast ‘hairy hairy’ people with lots of wrinkles

If you’re a “hairy hairy” person with “wrinkles and lots of them” you could land a role on Amazon TV’s new “Lord of the Rings” series. 

Two casting agencies behind the show recently put out calls on Facebook searching for actors with “character faces” to play orcs in the series.

In the original films, orcs were a race of goblin-like creatures with wide noses and mouths who served as soldiers in the Dark Lords’ armies.

The show appears to be sticking to the authentic orc aesthetic, encouraging people who are under 5 feet or over 6 feet 5 inches tall that look like a “leather handbag” to respond to the casting announcement.

And if you naturally have red hair, white hair, or lots of freckles, you very well may fit the bill to be cast as an orc on the show.

Additionally, the series is looking for “stocky mean-looking bikers” and “circus performers who can juggle.”

The show is scheduled to begin filming in 2020 in New Zealand.