Anger in Margate over lake between homes, beach dunes

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has arrived to pump water out water from the lake that suddenly formed between the beach sand dune and million dollar homes.

It's the latest as this Jersey shore town vigorously fought a plan to build protective sand dunes on its shores, even after Superstorm Sandy inundated the town, and it's happening at the height of the summer tourist season.

In addition to losing ocean views, people and officials complained about a more consequential fear: Water building up between the dunes and the wooden bulkheads that separate oceanfront homes from the beach, and forming huge, fetid ponds that people must slog their way through or around to reach the beach. And that's precisely what has happened after about 15 inches of rain last week. The water didn't drip into the sand or go out into the ocean. Water quality is bad. Heat causing bacteria is blamed.

People are angry and protesting loudly.

A closed-door meeting is scheduled for Wednesday in which possible lawsuits against the Army Corps of Engineers and state Department of Environmental Protection are expected to be discussed.