Apartment tenants claim they have heating issues during bitter cold

Heating issues in this bitter cold have some tenants angry about their living conditions.

The old West Philadelphia High School is being renovated into loft apartments. Some residents told FOX 29 last week that the heat wasn't working and that was just one of the problems. Many have issues with the air quality, peeling paint, exposed wires and what they say is an unsafe environment during construction.

However, the project manager says the property is safe. He also says work is underway to fix the heat and residents concerns are being addressed.

"In terms of living in the environment, there is construction dust and everything else. All the remediation, the asbestos remediation was done and signed off on. There was testing done and everything else saying that it's safe," Project Manager Scott Geddes said.

Philadelphia's Licenses and Inspections say the property does have a partial certificate of occupancy and is promising to investigate.