April Kauffman's daughter speaks after charges announced in mother's death

April Kauffman's daughter, Kim Pack, spoke with FOX 29 a day after charges were announced in connection with her mother's death.

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"It's a lot and at the end of the day, I went home after having a splitting headache, I thought to myself, 'Man I miss my mom cause she's my best friend.'"

One day after prosecutors announced Dr.James Kauffman was under arrest accused of killing his wife April in an elaborate murder for hire plot that prosecutors say was connected to the Pagan Motorcycle Gang her daughter Kimberley Pack is trying to process it all.

Kim knowing in her heart Kauffman was behind it all.

"To actually hear it out loud from somebody that is an authority figure present those facts and info--it's still so surreal," she said.

The popular Jersey Shore radio personality was found shot to death in the Linwood home she shared with her husband in May of 2012.

After almost 5 1/2 years, prosecutors announcing charges on Tuesday saying Kauffman paid a hit man connected to the Pagans to kill April after she threatened to divorce him and expose what investigators say was a huge illegal opioid pill mill. They say he operated the business out of his medical office in Egg Harbor Township where Kauffman was arrested in June after waiving a gun during a raid, according to authorities.

"Did your mom ever say that she felt her life was in danger ever to you?" FOX 29's Dawn Timmeney asked. Kim replied, "I think a lot of those things will come out eventually."

This mother of two says the last time she talked to her mom was the day before she was brutally murdered.

"It's crazy because our conversation wasn't one I would have wanted to have that will come out at a later date, too," she said.

A heartbroken Kim says she's replayed that conversation in her head over and over again.

"Going back in hindsight, I would have told her how proud I was of her. I would have told her that I loved her and that she was just amazing."

As For Kauffman, Kim says she is no longer angry and does not harbor any hatred toward the man accused of robbing her of her best friend.

"I've already lost my mom --such a hole in my heart giant, giant hole--why should I allow somebody to steal any other emotion."