Are tips being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Are you tipping or skipping? Restaurant servers that have faced difficulties because of the coronavirus pandemic are still feeling the effects.

Ally Fisher, a server at PJ Whelihans in Haddonfied, said that when people tip, it matters to her. 

“It’s nice! It’s really nice having people, especially regulars. We see a lot of familiar faces and they want to take care of us, but then there are a lot of people that just come back and take advantage of all of our hard work and that kind of stinks,” she said.

Some nights, she adds, can be very hard for making tips. 

“If I get six kids and they’re each getting wings that’s $45, plus drinks so maybe $60 and each one of them gets a shirley temple, it’s not easy to make that! Then I’m carrying the tray and I’m sweating, it’s a lot and then to make no money off of that, it’s not really fair,” said Fisher.

Business Insider dot com stated that people should tip at least 15 percent of the total bill when dining in, and other sites provide similar percentages for delivery or take-out services.

Tips are mandatory for Linda Peterson, who gives them even when she’s not going outside.

“When we were getting takeout and things like that we were trying to support the local restaurants and anybody who's delivering is not an easy job during that, so it’s important to tip, they’ve lost so much income,” she said.

Spiro Aifantis, owner of Kaminsky’s in Cherry Hill, says that he has seen some people elect not to leave a tip on meals as high as $250. 

“It happens, it’s the little few but sometimes it hurts when the girls running out in 95 degree weather and at the end of the day, gets nothing for it,” he said.


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