Arizona teen hailed hero for saving coach's life

Chandler, AZ - An Arizona teen is being hailed a hero for saving his coach's life.

We're told the 13-year-old Nathan Boyer came to the rescue when his baseball coach suddenly collapsed during a training drill on March 28.

Isaac Wenrich, 26-year-old was unresponsive after he fell. It turns out he suffered a massive heart attack.

The young hero dialed 911, before jumping into action and performing CPR.

"It was just like 'Are you ok? Are you ok?' and he wasn't answering, so I just grabbed his phone which he was on and called 911," Boyer said. "I was just freaked out and overwhelmed by it."

Boyer says he remembered his Boy Scouts training and sprang into action.
"Well I remembered it from the Boy Scouts a little bit from like a couple of years ago. It sort of like rang a bell like ok you need to lock your hands and start pushing on his," Boyer said.

Katy Huertta, Issac's girlfriend, says she's thankful for Nathan's immediate response.

"If he didn't get CPR he would be gone. He would be dead right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. He saved my boyfriend's life. He saved my best friend's life and we can't thank him enough for doing that," Huertta said.

The coach is expected to make a full recovery.