Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, wife charged with endangering welfare of teen daughter

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and his wife have been accused of physically and emotionally abusing their teenage daughter. The charges come more than two weeks after police raided Small's home. 

Small, 50, and his wife, 47-year-old La’Quetta Small were each charged Monday with second-degree endangering the welfare of a child. Marty Small, who has served as Atlantic City's mayor since 2020, was also charged with terroristic threats, aggravated assault, and simple assault.

It's alleged that from December-January, Small and his wife physically and emotionally abused their 16-year-old daughter on multiple occasions.


Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small claims 'no corruption' after raid on family home: 'Nothing to hide'

Atlantic City's mayor, Marty Small, called a press conference Monday to address speculation that arose after his home was searched by law enforcement last week.

Prosecutors revealed Small is accused of hitting his teen daughter in the head with a broom, causing her to lose consciousness. 

He also allegedly threatened to "earth slam" his daughter down a flight of stairs, grab her head and slam her to the ground, and smack out her hair weave. 

Prosecutors said in one instance, Small is accused of repeatedly punching his daughter in the legs, which caused her to bruise. 

La’Quetta Small is likewise accused of similar abuse of the teen, including punching her daughter multiple times in the chest. 

Prosecutors say La’Quetta Small also allegedly grabbed her daughter by the hair and struck her several times on the shoulder with a belt during one incident, and punched her daughter in the mouth during another.

La’Quetta Small was additionally charged with three counts of disorderly persons simple assault, prosecutors said. 

Small had spoken out publicly earlier this month following a police raid on his family home. During a press conference, he clarified that the search was not related to any allegations of corruption and said the investigation was focused on a family matter.

Ed Jacobs, Small's attorney, said the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office has been conducting an investigation into Small and his wife Laquetta, the Superintendent of Atlantic City Schools, for the past 3–4 months.

Their attorney spoke with FOX 29 Monday evening and gave the following statement: 

"The complaint filed today by the Atlantic County Prosecutor has absolutely nothing to do with any allegations of misconduct in office or any failure on the part of Mayor Marty Small to properly discharge his duties as Mayor of the city of Atlantic City," said Jacobs. "They have absolutely nothing to do with public corruption in any way shape or form. These complaints focus on private family matters within the Small household."

Since the accusations do not accuse either the Mayor or his wife the School Superintendent of any wrong doings in their official capacities they're expected to keep working in both of their leadership positions while fighting the charges.

The search of Small's home came just as the county prosecutor announced criminal charges against Constance Days-Chapman, the principal of Atlantic City High School, for failure to report child abuse and related charges.